Helen hERO

Lugano, Switzerland

Pseudonym: hERO
Nationality: Swiss
Birthdate: 10.03.1980
Preferred Media: Canvas, acrylic
Highest Diploma: B.A. Economics and B.A. Art History
I paint the creatures that inhabit my mind to set them free.
I am hERO, an emerging visual artist of Persian and Indian origins. I am currently based in Lugano, Switzerland, having spent time living in the United States, where I moved to complete my education, and I have been actively painting and exhibiting since 2009. I create playful works that pop with bubblegum - bright colours, and I draw inspiration from a variety of life experience, my heritage, travels, and artists and art movements of the past, from ancient to contemporary.
The artist who influences my work and my ethic the most is Keith Haring. His artwork style is a clear and direct influence of my own work aesthetic, both characterised by bright colours and bold black outlines. Even though Haring's painting process was more direct, his work and the way he presented his work is a constant inspiration for the type of artist I wish to be. Haring also focused on developing a "tag", like the famous baby on all fours or the barking dog head. I am similarly focused on my own tags, like the donut with its tongue sticking out.
My creative process is very meticulous. It starts with an idea which is then sketched repeatedly and in different variations until I find that which I want to represent on canvas. I then lay out the composition on tracking paper, changing it as I please until I am happy with the overall composition before tracing it onto the canvas, to produce a clean drawing. I then start colouring, deliberately choosing colours and their location. The final painting finally pops when I add the highlights, shadows, and blank outlines. I would love to take this process a step further through collaborations, especially with photographers, to see about incorporating my style with photographs, either through a collage or painting directly into it.
The role of an artist today is to create a dialogue through a visual medium, which enables artists to drop hints as to what they want to say and their point of view. The viewers draw their own conclusions or start thinking about something they would not have otherwise thought of. I strive to be an artist who adds to this contemporary dialogue in a positive and refreshing way, without preaching, but by simply being and showing my art to the world.
I believe that the way collasta is set up to promote artists through collaborations and its corporate walls program will widen my network, and enable more people to get to know me and my artwork.

My creative process is very meticulous. It starts with an idea which is then sketched repeatedly and in different variations until I find that I want to represent on canvas.